Dr. John Irvine

The dispensary in Moville was first established in 1818 by Dr John Irvine who lived in Rosebank, Moville. Dr Irvine was a Royal Navy Surgeon from 1803 to 1815. He gained his medical degree (MRCSE 1807).

As well as being Surgeon for the dispensary he was for many years Surgeon and Agent for the Sick and Wounded Seamen at Moville and Medical Officer for the Military at Greencastle Fort. There is a description of him seeking the help of Dr Rogan, who travelled from Derry, to try and save the hand of a man, whose gun had accidentally discharged, staying 2 days and nights with the patient before they had to amputate the damaged hand.

Dr Irvine died at his home in Rosebank in 1857 aged 72 years. After his death, his wish was for his remains to be carried to its place of rest, by his good friends and neighbours of all denominations. He is buried at St Finian’s in Greencastle.